As we all know Vidmate is an application to download and stream various videos. But it is with some additional options as well. Preparation of Vidmate Meme is one such extra feature offered by the app. So Vidmate can be known as an application that covers all the media items in a simple manner.

You can watch movies, TV shows, and videos. You can download them plus some applications from the app. On the other hand, it lets you create funny Vidmate Memes and share them with your friends. So Vidmate is an all included application to have fun with streaming videos and creating memes.

VidMate Meme

Features Of Vidmate Meme


#1 Video Downloader For Android

Compatible with Android 2.3 Or Later

Latest Version: 3.45 Updated on Mar 6, 2018


What are Vidmate Memes?

We generally use memes to add humor while chatting with others. You can carry the same function from Vidmate Meme as well. Vidmate Memes let you create a unique meme and share with others. These Memes are still with a little customizing ability. But in the next updates, this Vidmate Meme feature will be optimized more with more settings options. Nowadays Vidmate Memes have become very popular as a way of expressing your thoughts.

How to create a Vidmate Meme?

  1. Open the app by clicking on the app icon.
  2. The Vidmate Meme option is available at the sequence of options at the next line. Select “Memes” option.
  3. The next pop up page is with a number of memes. You can either select one from there or create your own one.
  4. To create a meme, tap on the orange round button with “Make a MEME” option which is at the bottom of the page.
  5. The next dialogue box is with two options. Tap on an option
  6. Choose from gallery
  7. Take a picture.
  8. Then add a suitable text to the image. You can change the size, color, and the angle of the text.
  9. Then tap on “Submit” option and then on “Next” button.
  10. Add a tag from the given tags on the app. Once you choose the right tag, you can get more likes from other Vidmate users.
  11. Finally, click on the blue button with “Post” option.

You can share the created meme via social media sites as well.

Cons of Vidmate Meme

The only visible drawback of Vidmate is the availability of a watermark on the image. Further, it will be nicer if there are more options to tweak the images. However, keep in mind that this is not a photo editing tool.